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After a long and wonderful day at Zion National Park and a scenic drive through Dixie National Forest, we arrived at our lodging in Beaver, Utah – a tiny, tiny town! The Husband booked the hotel using points and when we arrived, we found that the “town” (at least the portion we could see) included farms, two hotels, a gas station, and two restaurants.  (Now that I look at Google Maps, if we had ventured a little bit more north we would have seen the town itself of a little more than 2000 people – it looks cute!).

Once we were checked in, we checked the hotel welcome book and confirmed our dining options were a Mexican restaurant, a Dairy Queen (inside the gas station), and Timberline Restaurant.  The menu looked good so we headed on over.


We were quickly seated in a booth and brought a carafe of water (which was great because we were thirsty!)


Our server was friendly and greeted us quickly.  He informed us of the specials before we made it through the menu and then took our order.  With my order, I got the salad bar which was small but filled with the things I needed.  I was especially happy about having fresh cantaloupe.


The Husband decided to get soup instead of salad and had the shrimp chowder which he found to not be very good.  It was generally bland and flavorless, including the shrimp.  He enjoyed his root beer though Smile



As long time readers know, we love macaroni and cheese and order it any time it’s on the menu at a new-to-us restaurant.  Timberline offered it as a side so we ordered it as a starter.  The menu advised it would be penne pasta in a white cheddar cream sauce with a hint of garlic and toasted pecans.  They were out of pecans, which was fine, but the dish was just adequate.  More creamy than cheesy and a bit bland as well.  I wonder what the pecans would have been like in the dish…IMG_4768

For his main course, the Husband ordered the special of the day – Prime Rib with mashed potatoes and brown gravy and asparagus.  He thought it was good.  We were disappointed though when we left we realized we’d been overcharged.  Unfortunately, since the chalkboard had been taken down for the night, we didn’t bother to do anything about it.


It also came with a dinner roll.


For my entrée, I ordered the Chicen Farfalle.  It was grilled chicken, roasted tomatoes, pine nuts, and spinach with farfalle, tossed in a mild garlic cream sauce.  On top, there was grilled focaccia bread (a bit bland so I put it to the side).  The dish itself, though was good.  Very flavorful without any of the items overpowering the others.IMG_4771

The meal met our needs for the evening, but we weren’t blown away by any of it.  If we found ourselves in the area again, we’d probably try the Mexican restaurant first before heading back.  For a hot meal along I-15, though, it hit the spot.

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