Buon Gusto

A few weeks ago, while the Husband was gone again (he sure does travel a lot!) I headed to lunch with his boss to a little Italian restaurant at the corner of Eastern and Horizon Ridge called Buon Gusto.  It’s a cute little family-owned restaurant with Italian cutesy items all over.



The menu included a lot of lunch specials that looked appetizing and to be great deals.  The pastas came with a side salad and I enjoyed mine with ranch.  There were olives thrown in the salad, which was a nice touch (I’m not a fan of olives and I’m trying to like them – this salad led me down that path a little bit more)


I ordered the Baked Ziti and added eggplant. It was ooey gooey cheesy and delicious.


The service was good and our waiter was a pleasure to chat with.  Take-out is an option and the menu is vast.  It was a good choice for a weekday lunch.

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