Vegas’s Sugar Factory

After enjoying our wonderful meal at Mon Ami Gabi and a walk up and down the Strip, the Husband and I and our friend Melanie (who was in town for work but celebrating her birthday with us) stopped at a new dessert place on the Strip – the Sugar Factory.  Traditionally, the Sugar Factory is a candy store so the fact that they were adding a full restaurant on to the store at the Paris was something we were interested in checking out.  Plus, we needed to ensure Melanie had dessert on her birthday!

The restaurant was relatively big and had its own style of casual yet fun/classy.



The menu was vast with dessert options, but included regular menu items as well.  But since we were there for dessert, dessert was what we had.  The Husband and Melanie were interested in sundaes and both went with the Cookie Jar Sundae.





They both enjoyed their sundaes Smile

I wasn’t hungry, but wanted to try something sweet.  With Serendipity 3 across the street at Caesar’s, at which my favorite (and really only draw to the restaurant) is the Frozen Hot Chocolate, I was interested to try one of the many frozen hot chocolates that the Sugar Factory had concocted.  In order to make a straight forward comparison, I decided to go with the Classic Frozen Hot Chocolate.



Unfortunately, it was gross.  While I may be biased toward the Serendipity version, there was really nothing about this drink that was enjoyable (except perhaps that it was cold?).  I remember it being gritty, and bitter.  I had a few sips and decided it wasn’t worth the calories.

In addition to dessert, Melanie ordered tea and was brought a good selection to choose from and a large neon green pot and mug.



The host staff and our waitress were all very friendly and responsive.  We learned that the Sugar Factory is open 24 hours a day (for that 3 or 4am sugar fix you need perhaps after losing all your money at the craps table?).  While the Husband enjoyed his sundae, I don’t expect we’ll be back.  Between the good options at Max Brenner as well as the wide availability of desserts across the many, many restaurants on the Strip, there’s really nothing special about the Sugar Factory.

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