Brunch at The Griddle

The weekend that the Husband and I went to the Grand Canyon and I took a cupcake decorating class was a big Groupon weekend for us (both events used up Groupons).  To kick off that weekend, we decided to go into work late on Friday and use our Groupon to the Callaway Golf Center for some driving range work and a 9-hole round of golf. 


While we had a lot of fun at the Callaway Golf Center and plan to go back, this post isn’t about golf.  It’s about our brunch that followed Smile We haven’t been to too many breakfast joints here in Vegas although there are plenty of theme.  I suggested we try out The Griddle (whose name I couldn’t recall till we got there), because I often saw people enjoying breakfast outdoors on the weekends when I came out of my yoga classes close by.


We popped in the open air restaurant and grabbed a table near the entrance.



As we looked through the menu, a handful of things caught our eye.  I had a craving for Eggs Benedict and was happy to see it on the menu.  It cam with a side of potatoes, which I had low expectations for (I rarely like them at restaurants).  I had mediocre expectations for the overall breakfast (english muffins can often be stale or chewy), but this far exceeded my expectations! I’m not sure where they get their english muffins from but they were fabulous.  They were soft and doughy and suggested they were home made or locally made.  The potatoes were also top notch in my book.  A nice grilled crisp on the outside with soft potato on the inside, without too much filler veggies and spices.  A great brunch for me for the day!


The Husband ordered the short stack of pancakes and also had low expectations.  When he ordered, he was concerned it wouldn’t be a lot of food but didn’t want to risk the larger order.  When the pancakes arrived, he was amazed at how big they were.  Not only were they big, they were also amazing.  They were light and airy, but still full and flavorful.  The best pancakes he or I have had in a while.


Along with his pancakes, he added on fried eggs and sausage – also both good options.


This was a great brunch at a great price (not at all expensive).  The service was attentive but not intrusive, and the open-air of the place was perfect at this time of year.  We were quite pleased with the whole experience.

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