Cinco de Mayo at Diego

Where has May gone? And why can’t we find time to blog?  As you can see from the title, we enjoyed Cinco de Mayo at Diego at MGM Grand with some friends of friends.  (If you’ve ever been to MGM and not seen Diego, “just keep walking” is the way to finding it! It’s way back in the hotel.)


The restaurant had a red glow and loud music, but not too loud to hear those immediately next to us at our table.


We were pretty late to join the group, but we enjoyed the last bits of their guacamole while looking over the dinner and drinks menu.


There were also three good options of salsas to munch on our chips with.


The Husband and I each had margaritas to celebrate.  Mine (in the forefront) had something fruity in it (pineapple juice perhaps?) while the Husband’s was more traditional.


As we’ve gotten more in the habit of doing, the Husband and I chose two items to share.  Our first plate was the Platon Diego, an appetizer sampler.  From left to right, we had braised beef taquitos, chorizon quesadilla, and  crispy braised chicken empanadas.  Each item was perfect for two and delicious.


Our other (blurry) dish was… one of the enchilada dishes Smile 


Overall, we enjoyed the food and service. Our server was attentive and patient with our larger group (about 10 of us) and even though it was a Mexican holiday, and thus busy in the restaurant, we didn’t have to wait long or search for our waiter when we needed him.

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