HoneyPig Korean BBQ

A handful of weeks ago the Husband and I were in the DC area for a short weekend trip to visit friends and family.  After partying it up at our friend’s baby’s 1st birthday party in Virginia, we ventured up to Maryland to my brother and sister-in-law’s house.  Once we arrived, we jumped into their car and continued north to Ellicott City to their favorite Korean BBQ location – Honey Pig.

Once we arrived, we were greeted and seated quickly in their very open feeling dining room which had an industrial feel to it (kinda like Chipotle in my opinion).  I attempted to capture it with a blurry iPhone picture.


As we looked over the menu, we were brought out the “basics” to go with the meats we would order along with some salad.  There were some spicy sauces, kimchee, and other things I wasn’t familiar with but gladly tried.


Since my brother and sister-in-law are regulars, we had them do most of the ordering while the Husband and I threw in a thing or two to the mix.

Out first, I believe (forgive me if I mix up the meats) was the Bulgogi – seasoned tender beef.  We watched anxiously while it cooked in front of us and hungrily jumped in when it was ready.


The Husband’s and my contribution to the ordering was the udon noodles (plain, no soup) which were thick and delicious.


Out to the table next were the fried dumplings and lots of them!


Along with the meat, we had rice options (we all went with the white rice).


Out next was the Jumuluck.


And last but not least was the Spicy Sliced Pork (which was cooked in the kitchen).  This was definitely spicy!


This was a lot of food for four people but we enjoyed it! The service was quite good that night (I guess it can be hit or miss with the attentiveness) and the food was flavorful and well cooked.  The prices were reasonable and I’m sure the Husband and I’ll be back again in the future!

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