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Not too far from our house is a shopping center with a Starbucks, Smith’s grocery store, McDonalds, chinese place, and sushi place.  A generally generic shopping center as far as we knew.  We’d been to Dairy Queen (before it closed) and the chinese place, China A Go Go and had the sushi place, Sushi Imagine on our list for some time.  We weren’t expecting much, but figured we’d give it a shot since we could walk to it and we’re always looking for a good sushi place.  I had been craving sushi and was excited to give this place a go.


When we walked in we were greeted and were offered to sit at the sushi bar or have  a table – we chose table (though I imagine we’ll sit at the bar another time to watch the sushi being made).


We knew we’d want to try a handful of rolls so we perused the sushi platter menu…


…as well as the individual rolls.



The Husband enjoyed a Sapporo while I sipped on some water Smile


We were back near the kitchen (I say “back” but the restaurant isn’t particularly large – nice and cozy, but spacious enough that you don’t feel that you’re on top of the other customers).  Near us was a display with origami Smile


I love eating with chopsticks!


In addition to craving sushi, I was desperately craving seaweed salad.  I’ve only been introduced to seaweed salad in the last year or so and this hit the spot.  If you haven’t had seaweed salad, I definitely recommend it.  It fits my love for noodles, but has more thickness to it and it’s got all sorts of nutritional benefits.  Yum!


By ordering one of the platters, we also got a Miso Soup which the Husband enjoyed.


As each roll was ready, they brought it to the table for us to enjoy.  First up was the Caterpillar Roll. (I remember because the avocado makes it look like a caterpillar!)


I don’t remember the name of the second roll (and I can’t fine the receipt) but it had shrimp tempura in it as you can see.


Our last bit was the Imagine Platter SP.  It came with nine pieces of sushi and four pieces of california roll


We definitely enjoyed the sushi and rolls.  While it didn’t knock our socks off or anything, we definitely enjoyed it and since we can walk there we expect to be back routinely (any time we want sushi and don’t feel like going out to explore a new place).  The staff, owners, and sushi chef were all very friendly and there were clearly many regulars there.

As we got close to leaving, our waitress realized it was our first visit and decided to educate us on their March special (which might still be going on).  At the front of the restaurant, there’s a wheel that for every $30 you spend, you get a spin on the wheel.  The wheel has numbers  1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and flags.  If you land on a number, you get that amount of Sushi Imagine Bucks to use towards a future meal.  If you get a flag, you get to spin again and get double the second spin.  If you get two flags, you win $50!


Since we had spent more than $30 (but less than $60), we got one spin and I convinced the Husband to take the spin.



Apparently he’s a pretty decenter spinner Smile We won $10! We are looking forward to our free roll the next time we’re there!

As a side note, a few days after we dined here, the following article appeared in the Las Vegas Weekly and the “newcomer” sushi place was Sushi Imagine Smile

Writing this post is making me plan in my head the next time we’ll head on over for some seaweed salad and sushi.  (Oh and for those of you with friends and family who don’t like sushi, there’s ample non sushi options for them as well)

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