Girls Night at Tommy Bahama

On Thursday, a girlfriend called me up inviting me out to a girls night a girlfriend of hers had planned.  The plan was to head to Blue Martini at Town Square and depending on the scene, stay there or head somewhere else.  That’s definitely one of the great things about Town Square – the availability of restaurants and bars to hop around, especially if there’s a long wait or it’s too loud where you start out.  So far, the places we’ve been to at Town Square include Yard House, Blue Martini, and Miller’s Ale House.  Based on our fun experience at Blue Martini, I was looking forward on going back.  However, when we arrived, it was insanely loud and the service was lacking.  The six of decided to leave and find some place new to eat and drink.

We found ourselves at Tommy Bahama Restaurant & Bar, a placed I’d been interested in trying since my first visit to Town Square.  When we arrived, the hostess advised that it would be about a half hour wait for six of us so we headed into the bar area to wait.  Luckily, there was a booth available in there that we fit into perfectly! So, we decided to hang out in the bar instead.  There was a live guitarist who was enjoyable to listen to, but still allowed us to hear each other as we chatted the night away.

The girls all ordered fun drinks but I stuck to water since I had just come from a Bikram yoga class and needed water! We spent a good amount of time chatting so it took a while for us to determine what to eat – our waitress was quite patient and came back when we were finally ready.

While we waited for our food, very warm rolls and a cinnamon butter were brought out to us.  The roll was enjoyable but nothing spectacular.


I was quite excited for what I ordered: the Antigua Quesadilla.  It was two tortillas, filled with warm goat cheese, spiced Monterey jack, finger asparagus, and lime sour cream, topped with tomato jam and queso fresco.  When it arrived, it was delicious – completely hit the spot.  This was an appetizer and was more than enough (I took home half to enjoy for dinner on Friday).  I was most certainly order this again and again!


My girlfriend ordered an appetizer as well for her dinner – Tommy’s World Famous Coconut Shrimp.  She was sweet to share one with me and it was perfect. 


Other items ordered by the group included Caesar salads, the Loki-Loki Tuna Poke, Mama Bahama’s Chicken Sandwich, Almond Rice, and Plantains.  Everyone had good things to say about each of their dishes, as well as their martinis and rum drinks.  Our waitress was sweet and patient (especially when we asked her to split the check at the end – we should have asked up front!).  I look forward to taking the Husband here or to one of their many locations (hopefully we’ll go to one in Hawaii!).

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