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This weekend, good friends of ours who live in Seattle came to town for an ice skating competition.  Between their busy skating schedule, we were able to meet up with them at the Golden Nugget (my first time in a downtown hotel!).  Since they’re beer lovers like the Husband (our one friend is the marketing coordinator for a Washington brewery) so we wanted our outing to be beer focused of course! We considered one of the few breweries in Las Vegas but ended up heading to Aces & Ales.  We’d heard of it from an advertised beer event a number of months ago, but didn’t know much other than that.  We assumed they would have decent beers due to them previously having an event we considered attending, but when we arrived we wondered what it would be like on the outside.  It, like many buildings in the area, had no windows so we decided if it was sketchy when we got inside, we’d head somewhere else.


Luckily, once inside it wasn’t sketchy AND they had a pretty good beer selection!


To start, from the top left and clockwise we had the Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbeir, Stone Smoked Porter with Vanilla Bean, Black Marlin Porter-Bourbon Barrel Aged, and Moylander Double IPA.  We each enjoyed our beers (the Husband had the IPA and I went with the Vanila Bean porter.  After a taste of the Black Marlin, I knew that would be my second beer.


The place consisted of a pretty large u-shaped bar, a handful of bar top tables, a stage, and some pool tables.


When we first arrived at around 5:30, it was relatively empty and the service was pretty good.  We designed to go with a handful of appetizers for our meal (plus a sandwich the Husband ordered).  The Husband decided after our trip to Kopper Keg that he likes Wisconsin Cheese Curds (I don’t know how he went 31 years without trying them) so we had some here.


I ordered the Chili Cheese Fries.  They did a great job of layering fries, chili and cheese, but the chili was a bit too bean-y for me and not as meaty as I traditionally like in chili cheese fries (I can’t remember the last time I had any though!).  I ended up taking home about half of this giant dish for leftovers.  I love leftovers!


On recommendation from our server/the bartender, the Husband ordered the Pastrami sandwich.  He enjoyed it but didn’t love it.


We also had pretzels.  I thought they were good but the others weren’t fans – they commented that they were clearly from a box.  However, compared to most places I’ve had pretzels from, I thought these were good as they weren’t stale or overcooked – nice and soft.


Our friends ordered the cheese quesadilla (which was simply a tortilla with cheese inside – the tomatoes were on the plate) and the wings (which were described as “fine”).  Since this place is a bar, it met the bar with regular bar food.  The beer selection impressed us, though, and we would recommend coming here specifically for the beers.  The food is there if you’re hungry or need something to soak up the beer!  Another note… as the night wore and it got more crowded, the service struggled a bit.  While it looked like there were two or three servers, the female waitress was worthless.  We walked up to the bar to ask for a box and she made no efforts to get us one nor the bill.  Thankfully our original server (who appeared to be doing all of the work), got us what we needed and we were able to leave relatively on our schedule.  Overall, we had a fine experience and a good beer tasting.

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