Hash House A Go Go with Casino Boy

Prior to moving to Nevada last year, the Husband and his friends were fans of visiting Vegas at least once a year.  A number of years ago they came across the CheapoVegas website, a great resource on hotels, eats, gambling, and things to do in Vegas, as well as great deal information.  It was a great resource for all of his visits and he’s been a fan ever since.  A number of weeks ago, the Husband decided to reach out to Casino Boy (CheapoVega’s poster boy) to potentially volunteer any services we could provide.  They responded back advising that they would be in town in late January and asked if we wanted to meet up.

The Husband and I have heard about Hash House A Go Go from a number of friends and it’s been on our list to check out for some time.  When we were invited to dinner with the CheapoVegas team, we suggested the Imperial Palace location – having been there for breakfast themselves, they were interested in checking out the dinner options and made a reservation.  The Husband and I were greatly looking forward to the evening, both meeting the CheapoVegas team as well as checking out a popular place like HHAGG.  I was also looking forward to seeing the inside of Imperial Palace for the first time :-)

After winding through the hotel and casino a bit, we found these escalators and big sign to take us upstairs to the restaurant.  At the top of the escalator, we found the hostess stand and we waited for the CheapoVegas gang to arrive a few minutes later.  We were quickly seated and began perusing the menu and chatting to get to know each other.


Prior to arriving, I had checked out the menu online and had been excited to order the Duck Mac N Cheese, which unfortunately wasn’t on the menu when we arrived.  Since their focus is on “farm food with a twist,” I assume they change their menu seasonally – it looks like they’ve updated the menu online to match the one they had the night we were there (though looking again, the duck mac n cheese is still on the online menu… oh nevermind! Vegas has its own online menu!).  Not having my decision already picked out, it took quite some time to look through the menu – there are just so many mouth watering options!

I debated between one of their stuffed burgers, grilled cheese, roasted butternut squash stuffed with risotto, and sage fried chicken penne pasta.  I asked our waiter for a recommendation and he strongly suggested the penne pasta (even though he said everything is good).  The dish was two large fried chicken breasts, skewered on top of an apple (creative way to display it!), over penne pasta mixed with a porcini mushroom cream sauce, fresh tomatoes, green beans, and parmesan.  It was pretty good! Quite rich and creamy, but I enjoyed the flavors.


I had the Husband display how large this dish is (and all of their food!).  I had more than enough for at least two more meals.


The Husband debated what to get and settled on a dish that’s listed as a Hash House A Go Go tradition – the Sage Chicken Fried Chicken & Waffles.  Like mine, he had two fried sage chicken breasts, but his were served on top of waffles stuffed with bacon.  Like mine, it was ridiculously large.  He enjoyed it, but didn’t love it.  We brought his extra chicken home to combine with my leftovers as our dinner another night that week.




Amongst the group of 9 of us, I believe everyone pretty much enjoyed their food and there was a lot of sampling from each other’s plates.  I was generally content with the service – it wasn’t stellar but it wasn’t bad.  The food generally came out all around the same time, give or take a few minutes for the dishes (they came out 2 or 3 plates at a time).  In general, the Husband and I felt that Hash House A Go Go (at least the Imperial Palace location) is good, but not great.  However, for the prices in relation to the amount of food (guaranteed leftovers), we felt it was a good value.  We expect we’ll check out one of the other locations (at the M Resort or on Sahara, perhaps for brunch one day.

As for the CheapoVegas guys, they were a great group! CheapoVegas was created by a group of friends who know each other from different times in their lives such as undergrad and grad school.  They’re down to Earth, personable, and fun and we enjoyed getting together with them.  We are looking forward to adding to their site where we can :-) If you haven’t checked out their site before, the Husband and I highly recommend it!

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2 thoughts on “Hash House A Go Go with Casino Boy

  1. We had a great time at dinner too, with about the same overall opinion of the food. Good, not great. I ate too much meatloaf, though.

    Thanks for joining us and we look forward to any collaboration in the future. Oh, Jaleo the next night was very good, but still not great. About half the dishes were great, a quarter very good and a quarter just okay. I think it worked out to $43 a person with only a half carafe of sangria for seven of us.


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