Elevation Burger at National Harbor

After exploring the Gaylord National’s Christmas on the Potomac, we had two hungry little kids and four hungry adults on our hands.  Using a combination of Google Maps and Urbanspoon, we decided to try to find a place at the National Harbor and made our way to the other end of Waterfront Street to Elevation Burger.  I had heard of it before (there’s 4 locations in the DC area) but didn’t know much other than it was a burger place. 



While similar to other burger places in that you order at the counter and there are burger, fries, and shake options, Elevation Burger has its own twist on burgers.  They serve only grass fed beef and their ingredients are organic.  You truly could taste a difference in a good way.



Similar to Five Guys, you get to choose from a variety of toppings to include the normal condiments (ketchup, lettuce, tomatoes, etc), carmelized onions, Elevation sauce, balsamic mustard, and hot pepper relish.  I ordered a cheeseburger with caramelized onions (I like my cheeseburgers to be pretty simple) while the Husband ordered his with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and mustard. We each ordered fries on the side as well as sodas.


I was pumped that they had Cherry Coke – any time I get a soda and that’s an option on the soda fountain, it’s my go-to beverage for the meal.


They also have veggie burger options (two kinds) and grilled cheese for those not interested in burgers.  I was impressed with the cheese (tasted like something you might serve on a cheese and cracker plate at a dinner party :-) ) and the service was good.  They brought our food to the tables and were very friendly.  Additionally, Elevation Burger believes in being “green” (as so many new businesses do) and encouraged recycling (along with signs explaining what items that they serve/sell that goes in the recycling bin or trash can).  Overall, I enjoyed our meal and am excited to see that we’ll be getting an Elevation Burger here in Las Vegas this coming summer/fall.  Can you believe it’s nearly 2011?!?!

For those of you interested in the menu but not clicking on the website link above, here are pictures of the take-out menu.  Enjoy! :-)







Elevation Burger on Urbanspoon

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