Chicago Tasty Dog

Last week, the Husband’s boss invited us out to a quick lunch at the Chicago Tasty Dog, a small hot dog place on Eastern Avenue dedicated to the Chicago style of hot dogs.  Having grown up (at least when I was little) in a Chicago suburb, I love Chicago all-beef hot dogs (though not Chicago-style) and I was looking forward to this dining venture.  It’s tucked away in one of the millions of shopping centers in a spot large enough for hot dog enjoying.



It’s decked out in Chicago decor from floor to ceiling.  My mom and my brother would be in heaven here :-)



The Husband and his boss each ordered the chili cheese dogs and fries.


While I ordered mine with ketchup and fries.


The service was good as were the hot dogs themselves.  I loved that that buns had poppy seeds but they weren’t as soft/doughy as I grew up with.  The fries were hit or miss – some were soggy while some were great (perfectly crisp).  The dogs were a bit pricey we thought so we don’t know if we’ll be back, unless we have an uncontrollable urge for hot dogs while shopping along Eastern in one of the many strip malls :-)

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