Green Valley Ranch Buffet Lunch

Two weeks or so ago, the Husband and I both had coupons for the Green Valley Ranch buffet Feast and we decided to head over there for lunch.  We’d heard it was a good value and in the month of December it was an even better value as they were having discounts on the buffet.  We went for a later lunch around 1pm and the line was quite long (likely because of the special pricing) but it moved at a decent pace.


Once seated, we ordered our drinks and headed the floor to scope out what they had to offer.  In general, it was the generic buffet fare found at most other buffets.  It included a salad bar (Farmers Market), Chinese, American, pasta/pizza, and dessert.








(I got a kick out of them having Gefilte Fish at the salad bar :-) Being the only person I know who likes Gefilte fish…)



I love to stock up on veggies at a buffet, especially roasted veggies.








In general, the regular buffet was just okay.  However, they had a big display case of ice cream and after tasting the Husband’s scoop, I had to go back and get a cup of my own.  I got a single scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream and two mini cupcakes (I love the mini ones! You get the taste without overdoing it).


In general, the food was fine but nothing to write home about.  The service was pretty good, though, and I enjoyed my dessert.  For the price, this is a great value, especially for a large lunch in the Henderson area.  As long as you don’t have high expectations, I think this is a decent place for a buffet.  For reviews of other Vegas buffets we’ve been to check them out below:

Feast (Green Valley Ranch) on Urbanspoon

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