Quick Dinner at Fazoli’s

The Husband knows my love for Italian food, both quality and cheap Italian food, so when we moved to Henderson and he saw a Fazoli’s, he knew we’d have to go there some time for me to try.  He’d been to them before, but I never had.  Last weekend, we wanted a quick, cheap meal and we weren’t in the mood to cook (contrary to potentially popular belief based on this blog, we actually do cook most of our meals at home!) so we decided to go to Fazoli’s.  Essentially, Fazoli’s is a quick, fast food Italian restaurant with a drive-through option.  We debated doing the drive-through, but I wanted the full sit down experience (drive through will likely happen in the future at least once though).


Like any fast food place, they had a la carte options as well as value meals :-) But all Italian!


The restaurant has lots of tables for both small and large parties.



The pergola over the soda fountains added to the ambiance.


The Husband and I each went with pasta dishes (there were pizza options as well) plus side salads.  The pasta was good (when you consider that it’s fast food) but the breadsticks are amazing! They’re unlimited if you dine in (you get one each if you get drive-through). Yum!


A short and sweet post just like the dining experience.  The staff was friendly and I’m looking forward to my next breadstick opportunity at Fazoli’s.

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