Last weekend, friends from back home came to Las Vegas for the first time and we had plans to meet up with them for dinner.  They were staying off of the Strip, but close by, so when deciding where to meet up, we planned on a central location near where their hotel shuttle would be dropping them off.  Caesar’s has such a wide selection of restaurants, varied in type of cuisine and price range, so I looked there for options for dinner.  With the help of OpenTable, we settled on Trevi at the Forum Shops with a reservation at 7:15.

If you’ve never been to the Forum Shops, it’s a mall connected to Caesar’s Palace with an entrance at the casino.  It’s designed as if you’re outdoors in Rome, with some of Italy’s famous fountains located throughout.  Outside of Trevi is the Trevi Fountain (Fountain of the Gods).


The restaurant facade looks like a restaurant with an outdoor patio, with seating inside and out.


After some delay due to tables taking a bit longer to vacate than the restaurant expected, we were seated in the “patio” area and began perusing our menus.  The Husband and I had been here before, pre-blog days, so we couldn’t remember what we ordered but we recalled enjoying the food. 

We were pretty hungry after the long wait and decided to get an appetizer.  The Husband chose the Bruschetta.  He enjoyed it but I felt it was a bit too thick bread wise to get a good bite… I had to turn to my fork which for me took away some of the flavor.


For dinner, the Husband ordered Rigatoni Bolognese and a side of the Sauteed Broccoli Florets. We were warned that the broccoli would be pretty garlicky, however, it wasn’t particularly powerful.  We were more disappointed in the level of sauteedness (or lack there of)… they seemed more steamed.  As for the rigatoni, the Husband really enjoyed it.


I’ve personally fallen in love with eggplant and decided to go with the Stuffed Eggplant which the menu said was stuffed with campenelle pasta, tomato sauce, and italian cheeses.  I had a difficult time imagining what stuffed eggplant would look like, especially stuffed with pasta.  Turns out it was more of an eggplant “bowl” with a lot of pasta, sauce and cheese on top.  I really enjoyed this dish.  I’m finding that when I eat eggplant, due to its mushiness, the rest of the dish needs a variety of textures and this dish hit the mark.  The pasta was al dente, giving it an appropriate amount of chew to balance it all out.  I would definitely order this again and may try to make this dish at home (seems simple enough).


Consistent with our vague memory of our last visit, we enjoyed our dinner but weren’t overly impressed.  For the area, the menu is reasonably priced and offers a decent variety of options.  Based on its location, though, right at the intersection of the mall and the casino, this restaurant gets quite crowded and even with a reservation, you may have to wait a while to actually get a table.  You’ll enjoy it if you end up here, but there’s no need to go out of your way to experience what Trevi has to offer.

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