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Back in Las Vegas!! At least in terms of blog posts :-) A week or two before Thanksgiving, the Husband and I met up with some friends at Harrah’s on the Strip for lunch at KGB, a burger place that our friends really enjoyed.


Since it was lunch on a work day, I went with a Root Beer.  I enjoyed it being in a Mason Jar.  What is it about mason jars that makes one smile?


To start, the four of us decided to share two appetizers.  We had the Mac n Cheese Sticks which were delish.  We also had the Buffalo Chicken Rolls (whose picture was quite blurry) – also an enjoyable selection.


One thing that really stood out to me on the menu was that their meats are all natural.  Our options included Creekstone Farms All Natural Beef Patty, Heritage Turkey (a free-range turkey), and free range chicken (as well as veggie options).  The Husband and I both went with the beef burgers.  His was one of the November specials – the Parmesan Burger which was like chicken parmesan but made with beef and in the form of a burger.  He chose sweet potato tater tots as his side and enjoyed both.


I ordered the BBQ Bacon Burger which included bacon and smoked gouda.  As I noted in another recent post, I think I don’t actually like smoked gouda and that affected my feeling toward this burger.  If/when I find myself back inside Harrah’s, I’ll try another and hopefully like it.  As my side, I had the skinny fries which were just ok.


Overall, KGB was fine but nothing particularly special (except for the uniqueness of the meat).  The appetizers were good, but I’m not sure I’d venture out of my way to go back.  There are a lot of burger places to check out in Vegas which I’m likely to head to before trying another KGB option.

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One thought on “KGB – Kerry’s Gourmet Burgers

  1. I like Kerry Simon and I do like the way the meat options sound, but the actual burger creations don’t sound like they are exceptionally different than what you can build at Create for a lot cheaper. I am intrigued by the Sweet Potato tots though, kind of a fun idea. In looking at the menu, it seems like it would be more economical to order one of the pre-established creations than to create your own sandwich!

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