Breakfast at Cagney’s

On our last day in the Outer Banks, we had our first day of rainy weather.  :-( It was okay though since the Husband and I were up early to head  back north to celebrate his mom’s birthday and to go to the Redskins opening game against the Cowboys! On the way, we made a stop to see my sister in Norfolk/Virginia Beach :-) Using our trusty Google Maps and Urbanspoon, we found a cute restaurant called Cagney’s, not too far from my sister or the highway.  She was a sweetheart and got up early to meet us on this dreary day.



I loved the decor of the restaurant.  There was even a train running along the ceiling.  I tried to get a picture but each one turned out blurry.


My sister :-)


I wasn’t feeling well that morning and ordered tea to start.  I love when they give you a whole teapot!


The Husband got his usual black coffee and my sister went with water.  We ended up all getting the same breakfast with twists here and there :-) We each had the Cagney’s Morning Breakfast which was two eggs any style, two buttermilk pancakes, and bacon.


The Husband and I each had our eggs over easy while my sister had her scrambled. 


My sister and I each had bacon while the Husband had sausage.


I added a side of wheat toast and my sister ordered breakfast potatoes (which she shared).


Overall, we had an excellent breakfast and enjoyed the good prices.  Our waitress was a doll and sweetheart.  Overall, it was a great stop and opportunity to see my sister.  She also got to find a new restaurant that she hopes to try out for lunch or dinner some time soon.  If we lived closer, we would definitely be back.

Cagney's on Urbanspoon

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