Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que

We just can’t get enough of the restaurants at The District :-) (if you’ve missed it… Balboa Pizza, King’s Fish House, Josie’s, the Elephant Bar…) A week or so ago, the Husband and I finally made it to Lucille’s, which we’ve heard rave reviews about.  When we arrived, we were told it would be a 45 minute to an hour wait, which we didn’t understand why (most of the patio was open), but we decided to wait.


We spent 10 minutes or so walking around the District (apparently the beepers work throughout all of the District – pretty nifty!) before we headed back to wait it out.   The Husband had his iPhone to keep him occupied (and I had the camera) :-)


The time didn’t fly by but it didnt’ drag on either… within the expected time frame, the buzzer buzzed and we headed on in…


… to head back outside to the patio… which was now filling up.  There were fans (and misters I think) to try to cool things off, but it was hot and we felt for our waitress.  She was a saint for being so pleasant in the heat!

With the heat, the first thing we did was order drinks! The Husband and I both went with Lucille’s microbrews – Amber Ale for him and Honey Blonde for me.  We both loved them!



As we perused the menu, we were brought some biscuits to enjoy… we thought they were fine, not great – though I think we might have different standards for biscuits as we don’t like most of the ones we’ve had at restaurants.  (The Flying Biscuit case in point – everyone we know loves them, and we don’t)


We were hungry and planned to take home leftovers from our dinner, so we decided to get the Lucille’s Appetizer Platter (a half order – loved that they offered half orders of appetizers) to try tastes of many things.  It included pork rib tips, fried dill pickles, onion straws, fried green tomatoes, dixie egg rolls, fried okra, chicken strips, and a tri tip quesadilla.  In general this dish was excellent and had the perfect amount of tastes of each kind without too much of most of them.  We left most of the onion straws to enjoy the other items and definitively only really disliked the pork rib tips.  The Husband ate my egg role and I had his fried green tomatoes and the rest we shared evenly.  (It’s much bigger than it looks in this picture – I can’t imagine what the regular size looks like!)


For my entree, I went with the beef brisket sandwich with a side of mac n cheese.  Apparently I should have read the menu more closely – I assumed it would be a slice of brisket.  It was actually shredded, which I think made it too dry :-( I ate about half and took the other half home (I ended up using the meat as a topping on homemade pizza and it tasted pretty good there).


The Husband ordered the southern fried chicken which came with mashed potatoes (hidden under the chicken) and he ordered a side of mac n cheese as well.  The chicken and mashed potatoes were good and he shared them with me for lunch later in the week.


We both enjoyed the mac n cheese but found it to be potentially even too thick.  We’d still order it again, however.

Overall, we thought the food was fine but didn’t feel it necessarily deserved the rave reviews it’s been getting.  Perhaps we’re tainted by our favorite bbq places in Charlotte such as Mac’s Speedshop – we have heard that Lucille’s Carolina BBQ is good so perhaps we’ll try that the next time… if we find time to go back.

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