Balboa Pizza Company

The Husband and I are slowly making our way through all of the restaurants at The District (we’ve already been to King’s Fish House, the Elephant Bar, and Josie’s… as well as Lucille’s and Al’s Garage, whose posts haven’t been written yet).  One of our favorites, that we’ve been to a handful of times, is Balboa Pizza.  It’s located in this little nook at the Green Valley Ranch Casino end of The District and if you blink as you walk by, you’re likely to miss it (even though it has two entrances!).


On the parking lot side of the restaurant, there’s enclosed outdoor patio, that the Husband and I tend to sit at when the weather’s not crazy hot (which of course is all relative now :-) ).



Balboa Pizza’s menu is a newspaper – very cute we think – with stories! Fun ones of course!


This place is one of those many Las Vegas locations that’s open 24 hours a day.  I’m not sure if we’ll ever get there very late, but like many places, they have two happy hours – one from the approx 4-7pm time frame and then again from 10-12 or so (give or take an hour or two).  They have a good beer selection (as well as wine and mixed drinks).



On this particular outing, the Husband decided to get all fancy with his drink – he had a Long Board Cadillac (I think – a margarita of some sort) while I went with a Leinenkugel.  Yum!


We were hungry so we started with their freshly made chips with their trio of dips – a french oniony dip, a cheesy dip, and a ranchy dip.  All very good!


As you would expect from their name, Balboa Pizza has a good pizza selection. 


My favorite option is usually the Pizza & Salad which is an individual pizza and a salad (sneaky name, huh?), but on this evening, the Husband and I decided to split a pizza.  All of their pizzas (besides the one in the pizza & salad combo) are the same size (six slices), which turned out to be perfect that night.  We had the Chicken and Roasted Garlic pizza which came with a garlic cream sauce instead of tomato sauce.  It was excellent!


As always, we thought our food was excellent.  In addition to pizzas, they also have salads and sandwiches (perhaps some other things as well?) which are also good (the Husband has had a salad or two and I believe his dad had a sandwich once).  We’ve always been happy with the wait staff and know we’ll be back many times over years here.

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