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During our visit to San Diego last weekend, the Husband and I spent Saturday afternoon driving through some of the beautiful towns.  We enjoyed La Jolla, Mission Beach, and Ocean Beach.  When we got to Ocean Beach, we were hungry so we decided to stop and find some place to eat.  When we drove through downtown, we spotted Hodad’s, a famous burger place.  The line was down the block! Crazy!

Not wanting to necessarily deal with the crowds, we found a street parking spot just on the edge of downtown going into the residential area.  Once parked, we began our walk toward downtown.  We didn’t get very far, though, as we walked past a restaurant that looked like it had some promise for our lunch.  I had told the Husband that I wanted either mexican food or fish tacos, both which are supposed to be great in the San Diego area.  When we found Ranchos Mexican & Vegetarian, I decided that’s where we were going to go!


They had an outdoor seating area but with it being only in the low 70s (freezing compared to Las Vegas!) we decided to head inside.

IMG_0707 IMG_0709

At first, when we entered inside, it wasn’t clear what to do.  There was a party in front of us waiting for a table to be prepped (there were going to be 11 of them for lunch), there was a counter and a man on the phone, and no hostess stand.  But there was a sign saying to wait to be seated.  So we stood and waited.



When the gentleman on the phone was done taking an order, he advised we could choose where to sit and he brought us menus at the same time.


Although only two pages, there were a TON of options to choose from.  The menu was also very vegetarian and vegan friendly noting which ones could be made vegetarian and/or vegan.  You also could order whole wheat tortillas instead of flour.


As we looked through the menu, we enjoyed some chips and salsa.  Both were quite fresh!


To drink, the Husband ordered a Pacifico.  He wasn’t a fan and won’t be ordering one again the future.  I had lemonade.  Yum!


Our entrees look pretty much the same in pictures but were quite different truthfully :-) The Husband ordered the Tocho Morocho (The Works).  It was a burrito filled with carne lettuce, tomato, cheese, guacamole, rice, sour cream, and beans.  He got the choice of beef, chicken, or shiitake and went with the shiitake.  He thought his burrito was good and well assembled.


I ordered the Fish Burrito (combining my desire for fish tacos and mexican).  It didn’t have a description so I didn’t know what to expect.  Essentially, it was fish taco type fish (no idea what type of fish that is honestly!) cooked and laid in a flour tortilla, rolled with a mexican rice of sorts (and maybe some beans).  I really liked me.  It was light, especially for a burrito, but filling.


Overall, we enjoyed our lunches and were glad we stopped in.  It seemed like a great little neighborhood spot and I imagine that lots of locals stop by there.  They also had free wifi which we took advantage of.  All in all, it was a good break from our driving around San Diego.

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