An evening in Wrigleyville

When we planned our weekend getaway to Chicago, our friends looked into potentially getting tickets to a Cubs baseball game.  One of my favorite memories as a kid is going to my first baseball game at Wrigley Field with my mom and grandpa.  I was excited about the idea of going to a game if they were in town! Turns out they were in town, but on the other side, playing against the Chicago White Sox in their yearly local rivalry matchup.  Tickets turned out to be quite expensive so we did what we thought was second best (after our late lunch at Kuma’s Corner) – head to Wrigleyville to watch the game from one of the bars.

So excited as we pulled into this part of town, I snapped a photo before we even got out :-)


Since the game was not in Wrigleyville, finding parking was easy.  We got a spot right next to the stadium and headed down the street.  As we walked, we were intrigued by this giant noodle.  We tried to figure out what it was but didn’t (at least not until the next day at the airport when I looked closer and saw it’s for Kraft).


There were two prominently displayed signs advising visitors to not climb the noodle.  Not even an hour later, we came back to check on the car and as we passed the noodle, we saw an ambulance and blood on the ground.  Some smart person decided to ignore the signs, climb the noodle, fall off, and crack their head open.  Dumb!


Next to the noodle was a trailer with the current big Cubs players on it.  However, one of them (I don’t remember his name) got indefinite suspension the day before for being ridiculous in the dugout.  We made fun of him as we walked by :-)


I love Wrigley Field and hope they never tear it down.  Renovate it – yes.  But tear it down? Never!



We contemplated where to go and decided to go to the Goose Island Brewpub.  The rest of the group (sans me and the Husband) went to the other location earlier in the weekend and had a good time so we expected to do the same here.


I loved that the taps are goose heads!


We asked for a table in the bar area with good views of the televisions.  We were able to see the game, but couldn’t hear it as they were playing music.  Once our waitress finally came to the table (10-15 minutes after we sat down?), we asked if they could turn the sound on.  She claimed that they only turn it on for home games.  When we pointed out that the game was IN chicago, just the other side of town (something she was unaware of which was disappointing since she works in Wrigleyville) she claimed that she would ask a manager.  We don’t believe that she did, but she claimed that she asked and they said no.  Either way, we were not happy campers.


We decided to stay for a beer anyway and watch the televisions (silent as they were) for the time being.  We would reassess once we finished our first beers.


The Husband ordered the Honkers Ale (which he had the day before while hanging out on the river) and I got the Matilda.  I didn’t particularly like mine and had maybe half of it. 


When I gave up on it, three of us decided to head to a souvenir shop before it closed to look into getting baseball caps.  We found one still open and our friend Matt found a hat that he liked :-) While out on our walk, we saw an outdoor bar at which you could actually listen to the game.  We headed back to Goose Island, gathered up the group, and brought them back to the Captain Morgan Club.  This place had tons of televisions, an energetic crowd, and sound! We enjoyed the rest of the game (well, except for the Cubs losing) here.


After the game, before we headed out for some ice cream, we snapped a few last photos.  I <3 the Cubs!


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