Unexpected Fine Dining at Ferraro’s

On Wednesday, the Husband and I went out to dinner with some colleagues visiting from out of town.  We had planned on checking out Ellis Island, a brewery and casino that we had passed a handful of times a few blocks off of the strip.  When we learned that the wait was an hour and a half, we decided to head somewhere else, but I can guarantee we’ll be back! That place was blogworthy in so many ways!

As we thought through other restaurants to check out, the Husband and I thought of Ferraro’s, located near the Hofbrauhaus.  We headed that direction and pulled into the shopping center it was located in.


Unbeknownst to us, it was actually a bit classier of a restaurant!  We were expecting a casual italian place but when we walked in, the host was in a suit.  We did a quick survey and felt slightly better seeing that most individuals weren’t necessarily dressed up.  We felt quite welcomed by the host and were seated immediately and quickly thought about how pleased we are to live in Vegas.  Only here can you wear a ballgown and dine with someone in shorts!

The restaurant was filled with a handful of rooms and we were seated in a quaint one with four tables.  The only real complaint we had was up front in the dining process.  First, you’re seated without menus (we confirmed this when the other tables were seated in our room).  Then, the process of ordering drinks, then receiving menus, then ordering a very long time later (after watching the waiter come in the room a few times), was a bit tedious to us.  I assume they are hoping to give you a relaxing, slow-paced meal, but it was too slow for us.  Luckily we were able to entertain ourselves with conversation and I took photos of the light fixtures :-)


Without any menus, the waiter provided an oral list of the beers and one interested the guys: a beer from Joseph James Brewing Company, a brewery in Henderson that we hadn’t yet heard about.  Once the beers were brought, they learned it was actually a barley wine.  They generally didn’t like them.


We enjoyed some bread with olive oil.  Good thing there were multiple rolls – by this time, between originally getting a late start at the first restaurant and the slow movement in this meal, I was hungry!


I started with water only and considered getting a glass of wine since it’s also a wine bar.  The wine menu made me giggle a little based on the structure of the menu itself, but the guys pointed out that perhaps it’s not a more permanent document if the wines change.  Unfortunately, there were no glasses in the menu – only bottles and half bottles – some half bottles were more than $150! Not quite my type of wine unfortunately.


The Husband and I each started with salads.  His was the Insalata Mimmo con Manzo.  It had no lettuce (which the Husband didn’t realize) but was sliced beef tenderloin, heirloom tomatoes, avocado, red onion, fresh mozzarella, and balsamic vinaigrette.  Although not quite what he expected, he really liked it.


I ordered the classic caesar salad although I don’t think it had much anchovy flavor.  It was good otherwise.


For his entree, the Husband ordered the Risotto Primavera e Gamberi.  It was risotto with seasonal vegetables, mascarpone, and shrimp.  He really enjoyed it (minus the peas – he’s not a fan of peas :-) ).


I ordered the Porcini Pappardelle con Ragu di Cinghiate.  It was long wide porcini pasta in a wild boar meat sauce.  SO GOOD! Yum! Simple and flavorful and the pasta was clearly freshly made.  I was quite happy that I made this choice :-)



Sorry for the blurry pictures! I’m not sure what’s up with my photography recently.  Overall, we enjoyed our food, but the service was too slow for us.  The prices are also quite expensive in our opinion, but the value was pretty good.  As I checked out the website to write this post, I saw that they have a special for locals on Wednesdays for 50% off of all food! We were there on a Wednesday and didn’t think to ask! We definitely need to get into the habit of asking about local specials… oh well, we know for the next time!

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