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So, living in Vegas, so many more friends and family have proclaimed that they’re coming to visit :-) We’re loving it! Earlier this week, my friend Doug planned a boys weekend (which turned into a boys week when they had to push their trip back a few days).  Getting the trip pushed back limited how much time I had to see him since the Husband and I were heading to Chicago later in the week, unfortunately.  So, we picked him up from the airport Tuesday night before his friends got in.  I thought through a handful of places to possibly eat and since the boys were staying at Monte Carlo and we knew that Wolfgang Puck is having a special through September 30th for locals, so I found one in a reasonable walk: Wolfgang Puck’s Pizzeria & Cucina.



Since the website didn’t have prices on the menu, I was a tad concerned about how expensive it would be, especially because it’s located in Crystals, the new mall at City Center which is an insanely expensive place to shop.  I promised the guys that if it were ridiculously expensive we’d go somewhere else.  When we checked out the menu outside, not only did we decide to stay, we were very impressed with the prices.  They were VERY reasonable!

Once we were seated, we took a look at the drink menus.  I went with the Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout.  The guys thought I would like it and they were correct! It was excellent.  The Husband ordered a Hoegaarden, a beer he’s had in the past.

IMG_0218   IMG_0219

As I’ve recently discovered, the Husband really likes bruschetta.  He decided to order some as an appetizer for the table and we were glad he did.  It was simple – tomatoes, basil, parmesan – and seriously just perfect.  The bread was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.  Yum!


As we enjoyed the bruschetta, we were brought a fresh loaf of bread.  It was warm, crusty, and soft.  I definitely prefer butter with my bread and the butter they provided went with it well.  So far they were off to a good start!


On to entrees! The Husband ordered the ricotta gnocchi with sausage bolognese.  I thought about ordering it (we both love gnocchi) and I’m glad he did.  The gnocchi were pillowy and the sausage in the bolognese went well with the pasta.


My friend Doug ordered the Italian Meat pizza.  It had pepperoni, salami, sopresatta, and sweet peppers.  He thought the pizza was quite good.


I ordered the penne carbonara with english peas and crisp pancetta.  It tasted fresh and creamy.


As I mentioned earlier, the prices were great.  I believe the entrees were in the mid to high teens.  We thought the service was good and the waiter got me good when it came time for the bill :-) I asked if they were still having the locals special (which is 20% off of the food) and he advised that they were.  After I filled out their contact card, he told me that it’s only good for Las Vegas residents and not Henderson.  Unfortunately, no one got a picture of my face before he told me he was kidding :-)

So, for all of you assuming that this place is too expensive to try because it’s in Crystals, don’t be fooled! The prices are great, the service is good, and the food is tasty and flavorful.  I look forward to trying out some of the other locations before the special is over on September 30th!

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