Love & War in Texas

On our way out of Dallas, we had enough time before our flight to try to get in one more Texan meal.  Since the airport was close to the Grapevine Mills shopping center, I searched the mall directory website for websites of their restaurants.  I came across Love & War in Texas and knew we had to go there! (And wished I had found it the night before instead of going to Uncle Buck’s)


Love and War in Texas is a Texas Heritage restaurant who looks to share their pride in Texas, Texans, and its food and culture.  All vegetables are grown in Texas and the meat and seafood is raised and caught in Texas.  When we arrived, the restaurant had just opened so it was quite empty and quite large!


Once I saw the stage, I immediately regretted not finding this place the night before.  They have Texas bands play in the evening on the stage and I can only imagine how much fun it is!







As I said, lots and lots of Texas in this place!

To drink, the Husband saw that they have Original Dr. Pepper! Meaning they use real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.  It comes in this cute bottle (which I now have on my shelf at home).  Quite tasty!


The Husband and I both went with brisket for lunch! I had the brisket sandwich with cole slaw and beans (which I gave to the Husband due to the cilantro).


And he had the Brisket Tacos.


Both were as good as we expected :-)

Our waiter was quite personable and fun and while the place was very empty during our lunch (we didn’t stay long in order to catch our flight back to Charlotte), we enjoyed the overall atmosphere.  If/when we ever find ourselves back in Texas, I think heading back to Love and War in Texas for dinner is definitely up there on our list!

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