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On Saturday night of our Charleston vaca, we went to Social Restaurant & Wine Bar.  Some times it seems like we go to a lot of beer- based restaurants so I was excited to go to one focused on wine!


In addition to bottles and glasses, Social offers single wine tastes (2.5 ounce pours) as well as flights.  I love the idea of flights! The ability to try different wines without all of the money (or alcohol) is so fun to me!

I decided to go with the Oregon Whites flight.  From left to right (all from Oregon): Sass – Pinot Blanc; Belle Pente – Pinot Gris; Montinore – Gerwurtztraminer.  Wow! I loved them all! (and I rarely like all of the wines as much as I did here).

The Husband also decided to go with a flight: My Pinot’s Bigger Than Yours.  From left to right (hiding behind mine): Row Eleven – “Vinas 3″ (California, 2007); Olsen Family – “Viridian” (Oregon 2006); Conosur – Colchagua (Chile 2007).  The first was too mild, the second was too peppery, and the third was just right :-)


To start our meal, we decided to try two appetizers (many of the menu options were tapas style).  First we had the Truffled Risotto Balls over a Tomato Coulis.  These were great!


Our second appetizer was a Crab Dip.  The crab was clearly fresh and this was much bigger than we expected.  While we appreciated the freshness of the crab, there was a bit too much sherry for our taste.  The table next to us really seemed to enjoy theirs though!


For our entrees, we both went with specials.  We learned when they arrived that that day was the first day they were being offered and our waitress was interested to hear what we thought.  I ordered the duck sandwich.  If I remember correctly, there was a sweet salsa, swiss cheese, and lettuce on french bread.  As a whole, while it was tasty, the salsa (which isn’t the correct term, but I’m blanking!) overpowered the rest of the sandwich.  I tried the the sandwich in halves and wow! the duck was amazing!  Definitely a great sandwich, just slightly hidden.  It also came with homemade chips.


The Husband ordered the Buffalo Chicken Pizza.  While he enjoyed it, he didn’t meet his expectations of “buffalo chicken” as there was no wing sauce.


Our waitress Jacki was great! Super sweet and very responsive to our feedback.  We weren’t complaining at all (we loved the food), but wanted to give feedback on what they could possibly improve on on their new specials.  Up to that point in the weekend, this was our favorite meal in Charleston! I certainly see us coming back here again during another visit to this great city!

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