Brunch at Harry’s

Knowing that the Husband and I would be staying in Arlington for the 4th of July weekend, I planned weeks in advance (in my head) that I wanted to go to Harry’s Tap Room for brunch one day.  I first went to Harry’s for brunch a few years ago with friends on Easter and loved the quality and freshness of the food.  I’ve always wanted to go back for brunch but never had the opportunity until now, and I was excited to take the Husband.  (We went to Harry’s Tap Room’s little airport location at Dulles here.)


I love when restaurants post their menus outside! I checked out the menu days in advance and generally already knew what I would order when I arrived :-)


The atmosphere is a mix of modern and businesy, but I never felt out of place even though I was in jeans and a tank top.



As I said, I basically knew what I was going to have – eggs benedict – but what kind?


I decided on the florentine benedict until I was told they were out :-( (assumably of spinach) so I ended up choosing the smoked salmon benedict (minus chives).  The Husband decided on the smoked salmon omlette (omlette with smoked salmon, capers, onions, tomatoes, and sour cream).

IMG_1791 IMG_1795

While enjoying our water and coffee, they brought out a basket of mini blueberry muffins and what we guessed were crumpets.  All were super tasty!


After a short wait, our food arrived!

My salmon benedict with roasted potatoes...


and homemade applesauce!


The Husband and his omelette and same sides :-)


One of the things I love about Harry’s, which makes their food so tasty, is that it’s locally grown and all organic.  Even the ketchup!


Overall, we had a super delicious brunch!  It’s definitely not an every weekend type of place (a bit too expensive) but I can’t wait to come back again :-)

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