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Hi! Thanks for checking out our blog! 🙂 We are a early-30-something couple who loves to travel and eating.  We’ve been blessed (or so we still think!) to have the opportunity to travel frequently, and dine all over the country and the world.  After becoming good friends with some healthy living bloggers while living in Charlotte, North Carolina, they convinced us to start a blog of our own – so here we are, along with our travels and eats of the last two years 🙂

In addition to sharing our lives with our friends and family, we hope to provide helpful tips to those of you looking for good food or fun vacations.  While we try to cook at home and eat as healthy as possible during the week, we believe in indulging every once in a while on the weekends and strive to go to a new restaurant whenever we can.  We both travel from time to time for work and we try to take a vacation whenever we can, even if it’s a short road trip!

We started this blog while living in Charlotte, North Carolina, and later moved to Las Vegas (Henderson), Nevada, before moving back to the Husband’s home of Virginia.  These cities have been the main focus of the blog, but we travel all over and do our best to blog about our travels and eats wherever we are!

We hope you enjoy seeing our travels and the delicious food we eat!

If you have any recommendations of places to go, see, or eat, please let us know by leaving a comment or sending us an email at hungrywanderers(at)gmail.com!

5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I just read about your blog in the Sigma Kappa Triangle. I will try and check it out periodically. There’s nothing I enjoy more than reading about traveling and eating good food! Hope all is well with you. I’m STILL volunteering for Sigma Kappa, but would you expect anything else.
    Take Care

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